The Death Knight – a passion beyond life!

The skies turn red with the blood of the fallen! The Lich King watches over us, minions! Leave only ashes and
misery in your destructive wake!
– Highlord Darion Mograine

Hello and welcome to my blog, a place for World of Warcraft death knights to get to know a bit more about me
and fairly high rated death knight arena play. First, let me introduce myself. In game I am Syréène, a female
draenei death knight from Ambossar-EU, a passionate PvP and PvE player.

So, why this blog?

Well, in fact, not a single day goes by without people questioning me about my PvP status, be it the general team,
the gear, the gemming, the spec or just how I am doing so well right now. I decided to share some of my
experience in the game and created this site to answer all the questions adequately and up to date. Last but not
least a little bit of a disclaimer: I am not always right, I am not perfect. Not even nearly.What you do with your
character is your decision only, decide what works for you. I just want to share what came out to be the best
for me. With that being said, browse around and have fun. 😀

Finally updated the UI for patch 4.1. Enjoy.
Link is here or in the topright corner of the page.
Latest post: S10 on the horizon, what to do?
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  3. Madrega says:

    How are you planning to move forward in 4.2?

  4. Gnomeat says:

    Good info here.

    One thing I noticed is that you didn’t mention professions in your blog. What professions would be best? I’m assuming JC would be the best, followed by Engineering.

    Should DKs get Engineering for Synapse Springs?

  5. Deathfall says:

    Hi there

    I am having 2 problems atm…. im struggling for some stupid reason against rogues? 1v1 duels they beat us, in arena this new thing is 2rogues in 2’s…. how do i beat them? What they do is, nuke my partner (drood) while keepiing or me cc’d or him, either way 1 of us die, please give me some tips/advice? im playing rdrood/dk combo. Another combo we struggle is mage/rog also any tips/advice on how to beat this will be appreciated?

    • syreenee says:

      vs. rogues in general: There are two rules:
      1. If he nukes you, just use deathstrike/froststrike all the time, sometimes a necrotic strike for desecration and a CoI for the extra RP. Try to use IBF for a kidney only when you’re in trouble or for the first shadowdance and when you trinket the blind and get disarmed use AMS instantly and spam chains on the rogue, he is rooted and your poison will run out, you can kite him till he uses shadowstep.
      2. If he is on your healer, just kill the rogue’s healer faster than he can kill yours, you’re able to completely destroy healers without peel.

      Against mage/rogue: There’s a difference between the bad teams and the good ones.
      -Bad: They’re not kiting properly and you can engage mage without many peels, just use CDs and force an early block, force the mage to kite defensively and the rogue to peel, use AMS/IBF to stay offensive. You have to deal pretty brutal damage though to let them feel under pressure the whole game, but don’t tunnel, when the mage get’s away switch to rogue, he can die while the mage is still casting evocation.
      -Good: They will not let you reach the mage because you die on your way. Just stand next to a pillar and just deathstrike/froststrike the rogue all game while you try to prevent the mage from CCing, strangulate him when he deepfreezes your healer, grip -> HC big shatters when your healer is CCed, and be careful with disarms (where you can’t deathstrike) and smokebombs. You should trinket the first smokebomb and IBF the second, use deathpact when you’re disarmed. Tranquility works trough smokebombs, use it to your advantage (but out of line of sight ofc, otherwise it’s a free full counterspell).
      If they know when to nuke and when to reset properly you will have a pretty hard time though.
      And let your druid only trinket blind and use tree for a full sheep, everything else he has to sit in, avoiding CC and surving is key here.

  6. Grotto says:

    Are you gonna update the UI section, I had your UI and it went caput with the patch.
    I’ll blow you a kiss and shit if you do 🙂

  7. Zlakt says:

    Hi there,

    i love your blog, it really helped me alot when first started out playing DK.

    I have a question thou,

    My and my partner is playing druid/frost dk with desecration. And we haven’t lost one single game against dps/healer team even thou i’m blue geared and playing vs. 1900~ rated teams.

    But now to the question, how do you survive doulbe dps like shadowpriest/rogue or hunter/warrior etc. Any general tips on what to do when playing against those teams?

    Would be much appreciated!

    • syreenee says:

      Ye, in the WotLK arena scene double DD was a free win, but killing healers was petty impossible above 2.5k. Now the tides turned, it’s completely the other way round. Healers are killed within seconds, but one stuggles against double DPS.
      SP/R you should aim for getting infight without a sap (to prevent them going for your healer) and surviving the first 30 seconds, including smokebombs/shadowdance/shadowwings. If you manage that, the chances are even. Hit whatever you can and don’t get frustrated by their heavy kiting. Use deathstrike as often as you can, coordinate cooldowns and let your healer trinket the blind, the other CCs you must survive on your own. Hunter/warrior is all about how good you can kite them around pillar. Stand next to a pillar when they open and kite warrior around while deathstriking him and LOS’ing his hunter. Should be pretty easy. The hard double DD comps are feral/hunter and mage/mage, pretty impossible if well played.

  8. Grebbler says:

    What is your rotation please

    • syreenee says:

      There is no rotation.
      Quote from the Playstyle section:

      vs. cloth and leather: Obliterate/Froststrike
      vs. mail and plate: Necrotic Strike/Howling Blast/Froststrike
      With 4.1 you don’t Bloodstrike anymore as your Bloodrunes are Deathrunes baseline.

  9. Logan says:

    Will be looking forward to it, this helped a lot.

  10. Logan says:

    Why do you reforge Haste > Mastery right now?
    Also for 2’s and 3’s, what comps would you recommend (Suggest there be a new post about this and comp choosing :D)
    And maybe a basic strat.

    • syreenee says:

      Updated the gear section and published a new post regarding comps/strats to answer your questions. Hope it’ll help a bit, there’s more to come related to the the comp-section within the next week.

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