How to spec?

Posted: April 4, 2011 in WoW PvP

Updated for 4.2
Most optimal builds since 4.2:

Most optimal builds since 4.1:
 - Build I currently use: 2h Frost w/ Desec/OaPH
 - The other side: 2h Frost w/ HoD/BB/OaPH
As Frost in a PvP environment you generally have two choices of specs:
- 2H Frost w/ Hand of Doom & Blade Barrier
- 2H Frost w/ Desecration

  1. twocanchew says:

    I’m playing a frost DK with 2h. I know the hit cap is 5% (601 hit rating), 195 Spell Penetration. I would like to know whats the soft cap for haste & expertise?

    • syreenee says:

      I’m a bit confused about what you mean, that’s why I talk about both PvP and PvE now:
      PvP: 5% hit, 195 spellpenetration, no expertise
      PvE: 5% hit, 26 expertise (roughly 785 expertise rating) = softcap

      To clarify that: you do not go for haste in PvP, you take mastery. In PvE though you need haste, and I guess with “haste softcap” you mean a point where mastery gets better than haste. Such a point doesn’t exist though, there is no haste softcap.

  2. Rahana says:

    Hey first off – great blog, enjoying reading it a lot as well as all the useful information about DK PvP!

    A question – we are starting arenas with SPriest and RShammy, me as DK (can do both UH or Frost, like both playstyles equal) – would you suggest impStrang or Desec for this setup?

    • syreenee says:

      I never played this setup myself, but I guess both work. With unholy it’s a bit of a dotcleave, like shadowcleave. With frost the comp seems to be a tad more bursty. I’d prefer frost for this comp, and if you do as well than desecration is absolutely mandatory. You will have to peel a lot for your teammates as the Spriest lacks those peeling abilities. Clearly Desec > Strang.

  3. Mymri says:

    Question, is Merciless Combat worth it? It seems like the Death’s Embrace talent that warlocks (my main class) have and no sane warlock PvPer will take that – it’s more of a PvE thing. This way you can have both Rime, OaPH and Desecration.

    • syreenee says:

      Rime isn’t worth it. You’re GCD capped almost the entire time, the proc only distracts you. And yes, merciless combat is insane combined with a crit obliterate under 35%, you finish most enemies with one blow. The times of skipping MC, mainly in WotLK, are gone.

  4. BigBrye says:

    love the site. Just wondering what your current build is?

  5. Dajm says:

    aha, how did I miss that 😦
    Thanks a bunch =)

  6. Dajm says:

    Hi there, I am sort of curious. as frost 2h which presence do u use? I prefer unholy for the fast gcd..

    • syreenee says:

      To quote myself from the Playstyle section:

      First of all: you only use unholy presence, never ever use frost presence as
      it’s a loss of utility and damage alike, it’s simply not worth it.

      So yeah, I absolutely agree with you. =)

  7. Furyx says:

    Hi! Love your blog. Have a question tho.
    Why do you spec into Epidemic over Virulence in the 4.1 frost spec? Is it for longer slowing effects from Chilblains? But there’s desecration… /confused.

    • syreenee says:

      Ha, you got me there. The spec I linked was a testing spec right after 4.1, I just didn’t change it yet. Although I’m playing quite a while now with it and it really has its advantages. Especially against clothies you’re simply able to obliterate longer before you have to refresh bloodplague (if that is your playsytle, not all DKs do that, I am), and really, 30% increased deasese damage as a Frost DK isn’t a big deal.
      So yeah, both can be picked, DPS wise Virulence will outperform Epidemic ofc. Updated and edited, thank you. 😀

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