How to gear?

Posted: April 5, 2011 in WoW PvP

Updated for 4.1

Many desperate DK’s ask me how to gear as Frost in PvP, what to favour, what to gem and why.
In fact, the priority list is quite similar to the PvE stat priority:

Resilience >
Strength >
Hit to 5% >
Spellpenetration to 195 >
Mastery >
Haste >

A few notes:
Resilience is considered the best stat since the start of S9 and that is true, but with the implementation of the new deathstrike glyph, it’s fully sufficient to wear all PvP items but to gem for strength.
You will end up with roughly 3700 resilience, enough to live through all the burst out there, at least in my opinion.
Hit to cap is a must-have, no comments on that.
Regarding spellpenetration, well I got 170 and I think that is enough, chose what you prefer.
Mastery is better than haste now. With mastery your froststrikes and howling blasts will hit significantly harder than before, it simply outperforms haste in pvp.

My Armory link will not always work, it won’t always show PvPΒ gear, so here is a little
screenshot what to do and how to gear up:

Quick overview of reforging:

Head: no reforging
Hit-Neck: no reforging
Shoulders: expertise to mastery
Mastery-Cloak: no reforging
Chest: crit to mastery
Haste-Bracers: haste to mastery
Hands: no reforging
Mastery-Belt: no reforging
Legs: haste to mastery
Haste-Boots: haste to mastery
Hit-Ring1: hit to mastery
Crit-Ring2: crit to mastery
Trinket1: no reforging
Trinket2: no reforging
Weapon: crit to mastery
Relic: crit to mastery

This is just how I’m reforging, generally you need 2% more hit than I’m playing with, so adjust that to whatever your race and playstyle defines.

  1. unwerthy says:

    for some reason i cant see ur pic properly but if u dont mind what else apart from the spell pen chant do u use to get urs up there

  2. Bruno says:

    Do you think that datamined ‘crap’ digged by mmo-champion regarding the 1.5 sec cast HC will ever get live?…

    Dude…i’ll QQ so hard on foruns if this go even to the patch notes…that GC monitor will be wet cse of my tears.

  3. Vinia says:

    Thanks for your reply πŸ™‚ looks like the first nerfs are already cooking!The nerfhammer always & swiftly obeys to the DK QQ it seems.

    Anyway, i’m slowly and casually gathering my bloodthirsty gear atm and i only BG at the moment.I got a couple of questions if you don’t mind, hope it ain’t too much of a trouble asking.

    First, i should mention that my toon is a blood elf(female!)now i was wondering, when it comes to trinkets.. i should go for the resi+CC removal one and…?Do you think that i should go for the 2min CD one or the Proc one?(Bagde vs Insignia).Second question would be, having bloodthirsty gear – do you think i should go for +20str +20res gems or pure STR/Pure Res ones?I guess we should also keep in mind that i don’t plan on doing arena anytime soon, will most likely stick to BGs and rBGs later on.

    That will be all, hope you can give a hand πŸ™‚ be well.

    • syreenee says:

      Personally I don’t feel these nerfs at all, still globaling healers and DDs alike, everything I’m on for max. 10 seconds without peel has to use defensive cooldowns so yeah,
      this has not taken us up to the tip of the iceberg if you ask me.
      to #1: Definately the Str-on-use trinket, it’s far better than the proc one and is best chained with pillar of frost.
      to #2: If you do BGs only you should opt for about 3.3 -3.4k resil with full gear, maybe a pve trinket when you’re fully epic geared. take 40 Str and 20 Str / 20 Mastery gems.

      • Vinia says:

        Oh gosh, i love you πŸ™‚ thank you so much for helping out.

        p.s. Looks like HC got a 1.5 sec cast time, sure it’s one ridiculously powerful CC skill but cast time.. ?

      • syreenee says:

        Hope it doesn’t go live, really really pathetic change.

      • Vinia says:

        Christ, it just keeps getting worse… yeah HC is strong, but then again.. Frost DKs don’t have stuns etc

        I’m seriously sad, and i ain’t saying that frost didn’t need some kind of nerf but hell.. if it becomes unviable – my interest in WoW will decay.Really really tired of having to re-glyph, respec, regem and change my playstyle overall.. all thanks to cheap changes.

        Nerfbat always comes so fast and in full force on the DK pinata :”( And what of mages :D?Guess we can see it with a little humour –

  4. Equilez says:

    Hey nvm! I’m blind :X

    • syreenee says:

      Rune of the Fallen Crusader ofc. πŸ™‚

      • Equilez says:

        Okay Thanks!

        But would you suggest going for the enchant that reduce disarm duration?

      • syreenee says:

        For 2h you use Rune of the Fallen Crusader, always. There is no competitive alternative.
        For DW though you have a bit of a choice. You either take Razorice/Fallen Crusader or Swordshattering/Fallen Crusader, both are possible.
        Although I have to note that 2h Frost is far superior to DW.

  5. Equilez says:

    What weapon enchant do you recommend?

  6. Vinia says:

    Thank you!! so lucky i found your blog <3!!!

    I am a total newbie when it comes to DKs, but i love the class with a passion.. i ain't aiming high but i will slowly start enjoying BGs for now and who knows – i may start arena(although i kinda find it boring)or rated BGs.

    I went with a Frost + Desecration build, thing is.. i always loved frost and i just can't think of me playing with any other spec, but people keep saying that this spec is TOTALLY broken and that it needs heavy nerfing, sadly.. Blizzard usually listens(at least when it comes to DKs)to such plights and will eventually nerf frost beyond any repair.Any thoughts on this?Do you think it's going to happen?

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for your effort on educating DKs.. and what can i say, even if we do get nerfed, i won't give up on Frost.At least i hope that they don't change the playstyle again……..

    • syreenee says:

      Yeah, the topic is discussed pretty controversial on Arena Junkies as well. As far as I’m concerned, frost is over the top right now, with buffs we never asked for. I simply hope blizzard will nerf it, but with reasoning behind it, not to the ground. We can only hope blizzard knows what’s right for the state of pvp/arena, and doesn’t leave out the other classes who deserve nerfs as well (like frost mages, aflliction locks and restoration shamans, to name a few).

  7. Furyx says:

    Hi! I remember you said somewhere (probly AJ) that DK needs only +4% to hit for spells. But since DKs are +9% to spell hit baseline, shall I lower the +4% even further?

    • syreenee says:

      No, it might not even be worth it to play with 4%. I’m a draenei, I have 3% hit + aura and I just got used to it, the extra mastery seems to be much more noticeable than the missing hit. I just don’t get any misses on melee strikes and this gear setup comes from a time when the +9% hit where not linked with Rune focus. You can try out what works for you, generally I’d say: play with 5% hit.

  8. Logan says:

    If you can afford it, is it advised to get the +50 str enchant for gloves and bracers?

  9. Arcimpulse says:

    So I see you reforged haste in your pic, but your advice puts mastery over haste?

    • syreenee says:

      The pic is pre-4.1, the text above post-4.1. Just haven’t updated the SS yet because EU Armory is bugging all the freaking time. πŸ˜›
      Update is coming soon. Mastery > Haste though, to clarify that.

  10. Deathunseen says:

    So 2h is def better then 2 1hs right? since it takes an extra 3 talents to be viable you will be missing out on some other useful talents. asking to be 100% sure

    • syreenee says:

      You are correct, pre 4.1 DW is definately inferior to 2h, your need more talent points to make it work and you abandon the insane runic power regen that 2h has. The advantages of DW are slightly higher crits and a second rune enchant. Most DK’s consider that not worth the trade.

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