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Posted: April 5, 2011 in WoW PvP
This is the Macro section, where you’ll find all you need to make your life much easier in-game.
First of all, it’s helpful to bind /startattack to as many abilities as you can for easy targeting and switches.
Also a focus Dark Command macro is highly appreciated, as it keeps your focus, usually the healer,
in fight and thus unable to drink or stealth (regarding druids). You can use that on many strikes, here I
want to show it by means of obliterate:
#showtooltip obliterate
/cast obliterate
/cast [@focus] dark command


A Pillar of Frost macro to use your burst cooldowns all at once:

#showtooltip pillar of frost
/castsequence blood tap, pillar of frost
/cast lifeblood
/use vicious gladiator’s badge of victory


A macro for Strangulate and focus Strangulate all in one:

#showtooltip strangulate
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] strangulate
/cast [nomodifier:shift] strangulate


Same for Mindfreeze:

#showtooltip mindfreeze
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] mindfreeze
/cast [nomodifier:shift] mindfreeze


Same for Death Grip:

#showtooltip death grip
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] death grip
/cast [nomodifier:shift] death grip


A focus Dark Simulacrum macro, my normal DS is placed on action button 12, so:

#showtooltip dark simulacrum
/target focus
/click ActionButton12
Just adjust it to where your normal DS is bound.


Self heal macro with deathcoil, only usable while lichborne is up ofc.:

#showtooltip death coil
/cast [target=player] death coil


A macro to cancel Lichborne when a priest or pally tries to shackle you:

/cancelaura lichborne


This macro will prevent Death and Decay from toggling so you can spam the macro
and click in your desired area simultaneously:

#showtooltip death and decay
/cast !death and decay


A macro for Arena Target CoI, you won’t need to target a player to chain him in arena.
Very useful:

#showtooltip chains of ice
/cast [target=arena1] chains of ice
Adjust the Arena Target number (1-5) for each macro.
  1. Mel says:

    Hi! Great tips, I’m looking for a macro that can cast blood tap for me if I don’t have enough runes for obliterate. I have a similar macro that does this with death grip and strangulate, any help you can give would be appreciated

  2. Paul says:

    #showtooltip obliterate
    /cast obliterate
    /cast [@focus] dark command

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Laylla says:

    I’m having problems with sacrificing pet macro. I play frost,and I mostly summon/instant sacrifice my pet to heal. So I made this macro,but It res my pet and it wont sacrifice it :/


    • syreenee says:

      #showtooltip death pact
      /castsequence raise dead, death pact

      You have to hit the button twice to make it work although I wouldn’t use a macro.
      First, I often use my ghoul long before I sac it, just for a little extra damage and a saved GCD when it’s the time and
      second because I want to keep track of the CD of raise dead, it’s 3 min whereas death pact has 2 min.
      You could fix that by typing “#showtooltip raise dead” in front of the macro, instead of the death pact prefix, but I like it my way.
      Two different buttons are better, you can’t accidentally sacrifice your pet when you didn’t want to by double-hitting the button.

  4. Mat D says:

    Hey Syreenee! First of all thank you for this great blog.

    I have a question regarding this macro:

    #showtooltip chains of ice
    /cast [target=arena1] chains of ice
    Adjust the Arena Target number (1-5) for each macro.

    Lets say we meet warrior, dk, pala in 3s. (playing RDKP)

    We start of warrior (my target) and i put pala on focus. How to I know which Arena Target Number the DK is? Is it his position in the WoW Arena Frames (at top, middle or buttom?), his position in Gladius, or what determines his Arena number?
    Also, will this number switch each arena match? Generally how is this Arena Target Number working?

    Thank you in advance.

    • syreenee says:

      To answer that shortly: When you have gladius and did not check the option “grow upward” then you have the 3 arena targets from top to bottom.
      Arena Target 1
      Arena Target 2
      Arena Target 3
      It can occur that the class positions change from arena match to arena match against the same team.

  5. Grimicus says:

    I have a question about dark pact, I have a macro like this:

    /cast [nopet] Raise Dead; Death Pact

    However, it never seems to cast Death Pact (nor show the tooltip like other macros I have that switch it based on what it is going to cast if you press it.

    Any idea why this doesn’t work?

  6. steven says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I forgot about getting snowball or something similar. I figured something out

  7. steven says:

    Another question. I currently use shift mouse wheel up for mind freeze. I want to use alt for focus cast. how would I macro that if the key to use that is shift? Or would that need to be the same button like b3 and modify it with shift?

    • syreenee says:

      Don’t really get what’s your point.

      #showtooltip mindfreeze
      /cast [modifier:shift, target=target] mindfreeze
      /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] mindfreeze

      Is that what you meant?
      The mouse wheel isn’t a good keybind for mindfreeze though, take something near WASD, like Q/E/R/T etc.

      • steven says:

        Well I don’t know much about macros but I’ll see if it works. I am confused however why mouse wheel up is bad for freeze, as I can shift with left hand and wheel with right-hand. Insight as to why its not optimal? I also have dgrip on wheel down… haha so double bad I guess.

      • syreenee says:

        It’s not really bad, it’s just not optimal. Sometimes a mindfreeze must come VERY quick. Frequently I kick before my enemy is able to fake-rupt the cast. And it’s just faster to touch a button (with snowfall keypress or the blizzard tool you use the ability by pressing the button down, not when it’s going back up) or to smash on it, than to push it forward (or backward). Gives you a couple of milliseconds, all you need to interrupt successfully.
        Usually I say “use what you’re comfortable with”, but when you are rearranging your keybinds anyway than give that a shot.
        Edit: What came to my mind: when you scroll to interrupt, sometimes the first “click” of the mousewheel (hope you understand what I mean) isn’t counting to let the ability bound to it fire off. Huge delay possibilities there, very suboptimal.

  8. steven says:

    Thanks. What’s your opinion on using ghoul along with pof and trinkets? He benefits from the str but we might need to dp him later.. would you save if for a possible heal?

    • syreenee says:

      In 2s you could do that as you pretty much can’t die when you deathstrike early if being nuked. In 3s I would almost never do it, the chance that your ghoul will be dead when you need to petsac is too high.

  9. Steven says:

    When I use the dark command = focus target macro out of a pvp senario I get spam that I am not in a battleground. Is it possible to make a target = focus if exists macro addition to that so that I do not get the spam if I don’t have a focus?

    • syreenee says:

      Try out this:
      #showtooltip obliterate
      /cast obliterate
      /cast [@focus,exists] dark command
      Didn’t test, but it should work.

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