My Keybindings

Posted: April 5, 2011 in WoW PvP

Here you can find my keybindings, shown with a more or less helpful screenshot:

As you can see, I parted my buttons into four bars, A / B / C / D, each one with twelve buttons. Here is a list of what they do and how they are bound:

A1 – Mindfreeze – G12**
A2 – Pillar of Frost macro* – alt+1
A3 – Empower Rune Weapon – alt+2
A4 – Antimagic Shell – G
A5 – Icebound Fortitude – shift+T
A6 – Rune Tap – 5
A7 – Gift of the Naaru – G11**
A8 – Dark Command – unbound (CD watch)
A9 – Army of the Dead – 7
A10 – Death Pact – alt+MB4
A11 – Death and Decay – X
A12 – Hungering Cold – shift+3

B1 – Death Strike – 1
B2 – Death Grip macro* – 2
B3 – Chains of Ice – 3
B4- Strangulate macro* – 4
B5 – Obliterate macro* – Q
B6 – Howling Blast – E
B7 – Plague Strike – F
B8 – Blood Strike – shift+Q
B9 – Frost Strike – MB5
B10 – Horn of Winter – T
B11 – Lichborne – alt+3
B12  – Dark Simulacrum – <

C1 – Set Focus macro* – G9**
C2 – selfheal-Deathcoil macro* – shift+MB5
C3 – focus mindfreeze macro* – alt+G12*
C4 – unbound
C5 – Necrotic Strike – R
C6 – Deathcoil – alt+MB5
C7 – CoI Arena Target 1 macro* – ctrl+1
C8 – CoI Arena Target 2 macro* – ctrl+2
C9 – CoI Arena Target 3 macro* – ctrl+3
C10 – Cancelaura Lichborne macro* – ^
C11 – random mount – unbound
C12 – PvP-Trinket – MB3

D1 – Outbreak – alt+E
D2 – Dark Simulacrum macro* – shift+<
D3 – Raise Dead – shift+X
D4 – unbound
D5 – Festering Strike – shift+E
D6 – Path of Frost – unbound
D7 – focus Necrotic Strike macro* – ctrl+R
D8 – Blood Boil – shift+F
D9 – Pestilence – Y
D10 – unbound
D11 – Bandage – Z
D12  – mount macro* – shift+R

*   Where you see that little point, I use macros. Check them out in the macros section.
** These two points are buttons that use a keybind on a special keyboard, the G15 from Logitech. Google it, it’s worth it.


  1. hdpc says:

    Hi Syreene,

    Great UI and blogs. Thanks for all the tips.

    What is that addon or 3 buttons above your fRunes in your UI on Wow Interface.?


  2. steven says:

    Small desk 😦
    Tbh I could but I hadn’t considered it. I recently tried the logitech g13 and really didn’t like it. Though I think that keyboard would succeed where the attachment failed. I just tonight arranged my skill in a ranking list of importance and am going to rebind everything, to make it simpler. I came up with 22 combat skills including all macros, I’m not in a 3’s so I can work with that until I need to make arena Target # macros. Ty for your advice, I’ll keep reading!

  3. steven says:

    Whats your opinion on the razor naga mouse? I can’t get the g15 since I play on a laptop but figured the mouse could pick up the slack.

    • syreenee says:

      The mouse is pretty sick, although you’ll need some time to get used to it I guess. Take it if you can. But I’m wondering why you can’t get the G15, you can use it as an external keyboard with your laptop.

  4. Deathunseen says:

    id love to switch to binding, i am a clicker D:. and while im a great pvper i always hear “you will never be any good if you click” even when i win out all the time. i want to learn how to bind but i dont kno where to start, ive been clicking so long idk if i can change now 😦

    • syreenee says:

      Keybinding will vastly improve your performance in arena, you just have to be fluent with them.
      Chose what applies to you best, read the post above and practise all day long. It’s the best advice I can give.

  5. Fiskuggla says:

    Thank you, you are awesome!

    I’m a bit confused, I have a much smaller resolution than you have. The text from the chats are really small and so is the actionbar, where do I modify this? Overall this website/blog is killing it!

    • syreenee says:

      Hey, thanks for the feedback.
      Well, I guess my Interface is only optimal with a widescreen resolution, try to change the UIscale in the graphical options, it should get better. If you want to change the size of the chat-text, just hover over the options tab in the topleft corner of the chat and rightclick, you should get a menu where you can fix that.

  6. shuji says:

    First off ty syreene for posting this. As a new comer to DK pvp style without being a clicker is tremondously hard. I have been a clicker with some macro’s PVE Style since vanilla, playing many different toons. I have finally settled on the DK for pvp, as they seem the most bad ass when played correctly. BUT, i am having such a hard time keybinding stuff, and having it feel comfortable. As a clicker my left hand was like being a contortionist(sp). I do not keyboard turn, i either use the 2 mouse buttons down to run or recently bound auto run, and left click to turn quickly. I didn’t realize that DK’s had so much stuff to use >.< (spells)

    Would you be able to give any hints as to what UI you use, and the setup you have, how do you remember all of them? Do you have to click them? or are they all key bound?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    I am using a logitech g11 keyboard and a logitech mx518 mouse. I am using elv's ui.


    Thanks again

    • syreenee says:

      you find my UI on the header of my site, or here

      Just use a binding combination you like best, maybe you can copy some keybinds of myself, it’s pretty good sorted. Generally I would use:

      numbers: 1-7
      letters: q-z a-g <-b
      shift: for focus abilities
      alt: for cooldowns
      ctrl: utility stuff (like chains on arena targets)
      The G-keys on the left of your keyboard are really good for some things, I think they use the F1-12 bindings.

      One advice: Just bind everything in the beginning, every single ability you could use in pvp, let the bars show your bindings and than it's just practising all day long in bg's and 2s. And do not click, even if you don't remember all bindings at first sight, it comes with the experience.
      When you have learning the key abilities but want to extend your repertoir, just fight in bgs and when you die, think about what you could've done better with other abilities, look how you bound them, and then just use them next time.
      And one after the other, you learn them, the more you practise, the faster you will be.
      Hope I helped a bit. If there are more questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

  7. Fiskuggla says:

    Hey! Used your interface but I can’t seem to find where my party pops up?

    • syreenee says:

      I use the blizzard standart party frames, together with the lose control frames on the left of them, just use blizzard standart, they’re better than most of the other frames.
      Just toggle them, ESC -> Interface -> Raidframe.
      If you wish, I can make a screenshot of how I set the blizzard frames up. 🙂

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