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Posted: April 13, 2011 in WoW PvP

General Tips to improve in Arena-PvP

These steps are listed in the order of importance, but never forget, one won‘t work without the other. Do not try to improve in one part while leaving alone the others completely, they‘re all connected. 

1. Keybindings
First things first: key bindings and interface setup. As a clicker you will never be really competitive to binding-users. Period.
Every ability you could possibly ever use in a situation should be bound to a key.
Just figure out what works for you when it comes to keybinds, there is no one “best” way to keybind although you should have general idea of how to sort.
Just use a binding combination you like best, maybe you can copy some keybinds of myself, it’s pretty good sorted. Generally I would use:
numbers: 1-7
letters: q-z,   a-g,   <-b
shift: for focus abilities
alt: for cooldowns
ctrl: utility stuff (like chains on arena targets)
You can look that up more specific in my keybinding section, link is in the header or here.
A general rule of thumb that I follow is any abilities that I use often, or any abilities that I need access to quickly I’ll bind to the easiest to hit hotkeys.

2. The Attitude
A big part: have the right mental attitude. Don’t let losses frustrate you, don’t blame losses on being counter-comped. Learn from your losses. You can always do better, improve your gameplay, and through that become a better player. Give yourself and your partners constructive criticism, and I want to emphasize constructive. And never ever rage at your partners nor yourself, it won‘t help you. Speak about what happened and what went wrong, where to improve and what to do different. The key is to really focus in arena on getting better. If you can do that and stay neutral, you will get better.

3. Awareness
This is one of the hardest things to learn/get good at. You need to make yourself aware of everything that is going on around you, or as much as you can take in at one time. This takes conscious, focused effort. Try to know exactly where your partners are at all times in relation to yourself, and where your enemies are. Try to keep track of what cooldowns are being used by your enemies and your own team, and call out anything you use or you see used. You should constantly be communicating with your partners. Tell your healer if you are about to get sheeped. Chances are he will see it being cast, but even the best healers/players miss things. Talking is another channel to intake/share information. Even if the information is redundant, it is better to have it said + seen than to miss it because you didn’t say it. Another part of this is coordinating defensive cooldowns. If you’re taking a lot of damage let your healer know you’re going to use defensive CD’s so he doesn’t waste his big or instant heal cooldowns.  In general just play as many games as you feel like, but just have fun with it. Don’t get stressed out or you’ll just frustrated yourself and your team-mates. Acknowledge that getting good at this will take some time.

4. Positioning
Make sure you’re always in a good spot. Don’t chase your enemies out of LoS of your healer unless he can safely chase with you. If you’re getting railed on by a ranged class, work with your healer to stay out of LoS of the enemy, while still getting healed to reduce some pressure. If you’re about to get CC’d try to LoS it real fast if you’re near a pillar. It is better to get off your target for 1-2 seconds than to eat a full 8 second polymorph, plus it wastes the casting time of whoever is trying to CC you.

  1. Deathfall says:


    I would just like to know, is frost so much beter than UH atm in 2’s that its worth playing 100% of the time? or wud u suggest still playing UH?

    • syreenee says:

      In 2s Frost is really superior to Unholy, your limited mobility is compensated by the most brutal pressure one can imagine, you’re the ultimate healer-killer. I would never play anything but 2hFrost with Desecration in 2s.
      In 3s it’s dependant on the comp you play. General rule of thumb: Frost for melee cleaves like TSG, EboCleave, R/DK/P or even Sh/H/DK. Unholy for the DoT comps and the “balanced” comps, Melee/Caster/Healer, like DK/M/P(or Sh), Unholyplay, Shadowcleave etc.
      Although even those balanced comps are most likely more bursty with Frost.

      • I have only started to play hard core PVP 4 months ago I have even thought about doing a realm & fiction change to a PVP realm. I have surfed numerous PVP web pages and learning quite a bit from each one. I have a 2H frost build and glyphing. the past few days I have started to notice a few things. I know my gear is on the low side but I’m not seeing why my DPS is so LOW. When all the web pages are saying frost PVP is the highest DPS spec?
        #1 on recount and the combat log? recount saying I’m doing 1K-4K DPS & the combat log saying I’m only doing 500-1K dps with each of HB, PS, FS, NS, and taking like 7K damage?
        #2 Chilblains seems to be crap to put points into its not slowing crap down unless its an NPC or doing the daily quests, even when Chains of ice is used to slow down & to apply FF. also Desecrations is also useless by not slowing anything down but NPC’s ? or do I just SUCK?
        any help would be welcomed and needed? Thank you

      • syreenee says:

        The first thing you should learn from a PvP website is that DPS doesn’t matter. At all.
        I struggle to get your point, really.
        to #1: turn off recount/skada/combat logs and start PvP
        to #2: I don’t think you suck, but those are the most effective slows ingame, aside from crippling poison. And the difference between slowing an enemy player and an enemy mob simply doesn’t exist. They’re both slowed the exact same way and the exact same percentage.
        Don’t mix up DPS and pressure, you don’t have to deal the most damage to win an arena game. Just read through my site, especially this and that thread, they should help you.

        Few things regarding your gear:
        – You have 270 spellpenetration, the cap is 195, take 2 50 spellpen gems less and add a 20 resil/25 spellpen gem.
        – Enchant Str on bracers and reforge your hit elsewhere.
        – Get the Resil/Str-on-use Trinket instead of the Str-on-procc one.

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