The Comps – friends and foes

Posted: April 24, 2011 in WoW PvP

What to play with and how to play against …

The healers; a short concept of hints what to consider when choosing your partners:

with Shaman: 

  • probably the most optimal partner class:
  • additional interrupts
  • a reliable CC (although sharing DR with Hungering Cold)
  • with Earthshield the best “HoT” in the game
  • huge heals thanks to shaman mastery
  • manaefficient
  • offensive dispells

with Priest:

  • the healer with the most burst (especially with shadowfiend)
  • AoE CC with psychic scream, mind control & shackle
  • many defensive cooldowns, save playing
  • probably the healer with the longest drinking times
  • offensive dispells

with Druid:

  • the most mana-efficient healing class, longest time without drinking
  • cyclones, well used propably the best healer-CC, roots & sleep (vs. ferals)
  • HOT’s make it easier to follow enemies behind pillars, LoS’ing isn’t a huge problem
  • big healing cooldowns, especially with 4.1
  • the weakest class in surving without peel

with Paladin: 

  • mana-efficient, pretty much everlasting like in WotLK
  • HoJ, very good combined with strangulate, although lacking a spammable CC
  • Freedom, utility-wise maybe the best assist a healer can have
  • great CD’s: bubble, HoS, HoP, guardian, aura mastery, wings
  • left alone, a bit weak in survival, although this varies greatly by skill

Top notch comps for DK’s:

(stolen from Amigo’s and Bashel’s guide on Arena Junkies, see the external links)

:deathknight: :hunter: :paladin: – PHD: Unholy/Frost, Marksmanship, Holy

Posted Image – TSG: Unholy/Frost, Arms, Holy

Posted Image – Shadowcleave: Unholy/Frost, Affliction, Restoration

Posted Image – Shadowcleave: Unholy/Frost, Affliction, Restoration

:deathknight: :priest: :druid: – Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Restoration

:deathknight: :priest: :paladin: – Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :shaman: – Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Restoration

Posted Image – Ebolacleave*: Unholy/Frost, Feral, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :paladin: – Unholyplay: Unholy/Frost, Shadow, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :druid: – Unholyplay: Unholy/Frost, Shadow, Restoration

Posted Image – Untitled: Unholy/Frost, Frost, Holy

Posted Image – Untitled: Unholy/Frost, Enhancement, Restoration

   – Untitled: Frost, Subtlety, Discipline

How to handle your enemies:

Easy targets:

  • Warlocks, you simply just roll over them, a team with a warlock defines your target almost 90% of the time, never let a warlock freecast while you could destroy him in a throwdown.
  • Holy Pallies, they just die, even through bubble with a warrior. If you have the opportunity for a good switch on a holydin, take it.
  • Elemental shamans. If you see them, kill them, they do not stand a chance.
  • Resto Druids, absolutely killable at any time, especially in those annoying mage/shadowpriest/druid and DK/enhancer/druid teams, the druid is your best choice.

Not so easily killed, but a good target:

  • DK’s, always killable, force his CDs and swap hard on them, they can always die.
  • Warriors, just like DKs, they’re easily chopped by just one CC on their healer.
  • Resto shamans, they can die, especially without any peel from their partners and if they try to run away to much.

Very, very hard to kill:

  • Mages. They’re a goddamn nightmare, they will kite you to hell, but in same matchups like shatterplay or even RMP you got little other chances to kill. Focus them if you have no other choice.
  • Retribution Pallies, quite annoying to focus them, tons of selfheal, freedom, bubble, HoP; not a very tempting target in 3s, at least not till 4.1.
  • Shadow and Disci priests: Since 4.0.6 they’re quite unkillable, avoid them if you can.
  • Hunters, rogues, enhancers, ferals: possible to kill in a well-prepared switch, but avoid them if you can, survivability monsters all together.
But for all matchups you possibly meet stands one thing: Do not tunnelvision on one target, switch a lot and pressure your opponents to an extent they cannot recover from.
  1. Hodr says:

    Hi! I really like your site.

    I am a frost dk running unholy play with a resto druid. We’re having a tough time when facing KFC. In my old shadowcleave team , we just LOS’d the hunter and tried to outlast / wait for their burst and usually killed the warrior. We can’t seem to use the same strat (probably because the warriors we face are smarter and dont LOS his healer).

    Our best attempt one night vs a KCF we kept facing was when we were LOSing the hunter quite well, almost got a kill on the warrior, but it took us too long to kill him and their CDs were back up.

    any advice for facing KFC as unholyplay?

    Thanks in advance

    • syreenee says:

      With unholyplay you imply Unholy DK/shadow priest/restoration druid? Yeah, idk if you’re maybe frost, if not then reskill to it. Will solve most of your problems. If you’re already frost it really depends on your hungering cold usage, you should always “trap” at least their healer and one of the dds to nuke the other dd. LOS the hunter the best way you can and zerg warrior all game. And if their pressure overwhelms you, let your druid cyclone a lot, the damage of KFC is often not healable, just CC-able.
      Get a full HC -> cyclone -> fear -> strang on the healer and nuke warrior with direct damage, meaning obliterate/froststrike. A full rotation like that should force a shamantrinket and a warriorwall. Always be ready to backup your priests fear with a strangulate/kick, because for 1/2 of the fears shaman will have tremor.

  2. Dryfus says:

    You didnt include one of best melee cleaves dk/ret/rshamy

  3. Oscar says:


    For shadow cleave, I know the lock is afflic, but is the Dk unholy or frost? does it matter? what would you prefer?

    Thanks in advance!

    • syreenee says:

      It does matter indeed, although both is possible to play highrated I guess. With an unholy DK it’s a dotcleave, you dot and fear the other team and everything dies at the same time after 15 minutes. With frost it’s a lot more bursty, you go for single target kills and make the enemy healer become pretty desperate, your CC is insane with a frost dk. Hungering cold, fear, howl, strangulate, petsilence, mindfreeze, deathcoil, deathgrip, hex or cyclone depending on your healer. Two 8 second CCs without DR on each other, you can pretty much CC the enemy healer for 25 seconds without your healer being involved in CCing (8sec HC, 8 sec fear, 4 sec fear, 5sec strang).
      I would definately prefer frost for this comp, as you can peel much more efficient for your warlock with chains roots, CC more and burst more often.

  4. Logan says:

    Thank you very much for acknowledging my request. I am glad too since I knew the comps from AJ but the target section is more or less what I wanted. Very helpful seeings as I thought it was really easy to kill mages and priests and feral druids. This helps a lot, thanks 🙂 Will be looking forward to your next post.

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