A typical Arena match in 2s …

Posted: May 8, 2011 in WoW PvP

(aka a general stat)

“What do you do in general, how do you set up burst out of the game, how do you react to this and that?”
I hear those kind of questions  a lot, so I decided to describe a typical Arena match, against one of the best
synergizing teams pre and post-patch: Arms Warrior / Restoration Shaman.
To be clear on that, it’s an example. If you beat this comp when it’s played highrated, you can probably win against 90% of the Healer/DD teams out there.

Offensive Play:
1. Start the match on warrior, try to outjump+chain his charge in the first place so he can’t set up his burst so easily. After chargestun plaguestrike, so your deseases are complete. Now you use some runes and do some dmg to the warrior, generate RP and wait till the shaman begins to heal. Be aware of the grounding totem, never grip into a grounding, it can srew up your whole opening.

2. Grip the shaman in and Hungering Cold (Aoe Freeze) both. Immediately switch to shaman with outbreak -> pillar of frost -> AP trinket, chain him once and then necro strike the hell out of him. Your partner should purge the shaman already when he’s frozen by HC, so riptide is an instant dispell, which will bring the shaman way behind in healing, no hot, no decreased casting time. When HC is at about 4 sec left, the shaman will probably dispell his warrior out of the freeze, so focus-chain (or arena target macro) the warrior, for maximum time without charge.

3. If the shaman has roughly less than 50% HP, use IBF to be immune to the following chargestun and try to strangulate (or Mindfreeze) next cast on shaman. 90% of the shamans out there will use Totem/NS now, or even both.

4. Rinse and repeat untill the shaman is out of CD’s and you can finish him. Keep focus-chains on warrior to be able to LOS your partner and chase the shaman around pillars. Work together on interrupts and win the game.

Defensive Play:
What is most important: try to force your enemy to play defensive in the first place. Create pressure so you’re not getting pressured yourself. Offense is the best defense, really.

2. So, shit happened your healer got CC’d, what now? Do not overreact, don’t spam defensive cooldowns when you’re damaged to 50% or so, kite your enemy with chains, Deathstrike if he engages you anyway, LoS the enemy, try to be in range and sight of your healer when his CC ends and, most important here, prevent the following CC. The Warrior fears your healer, hex will come next. Means: kite the warrior to the shaman while healing with deathstrike, prevent the shaman’s hex and don’t let yourself get faked here.

3. Don’t tunnel too much. The shaman can die at any time, but be aware of your and your healer’s position and your current situation. What’s your health, what cooldowns could you use for an emergency, what cooldowns your enemies have up, things like that. After practising a lot you will know when to chase and when to stay. And always be aware that the warrior is also a target to create pressure. Shaman is at 50% HP but get away and heals himself slowly. You switch to warrior, freeze the shaman through a pillar and trinket the disarm. Warrior has to shieldwall.

4. Sometimes it’s the little things. Warrior runs to your healer, call out that a fear/kick/throwdown could be coming, chain the warrior, even though you’re in the middle of the nuke. Be aware what all four of you are doing, it’s a good start to always be one step ahead of your enemy.

5. Talk a lot. Really, it’s all about communication, especially when you and your teammate don’t play together for a long time yet.  Talking saves cooldowns where you were fine, it saves your trinket for a CC that already had been dispelled, it saves your MF when you’re partner already stunned/shocked, it saves lifes.

  1. Klyto says:

    Hallo mein Häschen,

    das ist ja ein ganz a feiner Blog!
    Haste wirklich fein gemacht. Da bekomme ich nen bisken Sehnsucht wieder und spontan Bock auf ne Runde 2v2!!!
    Aber da diese Lust nur nen kurzen Moment anhält und mich an all die nervigen und langweiligen Momente im Spiel erinnert, belasse ich es bei meinem momentanen Status. :-/
    Aber war ne schöne Zeit mit Dir!
    HF und wir sehen uns….


  2. Bruno says:

    My problem never had been dps+healer…
    but double dps tunelling my priest to oblivion (especially mage + rogue).

    I dont know if its just cse he is noobish, but he always get ganked in 2s against double dps =X its just turd. =X

  3. J says:

    First, love the blog. Thanks for putting so much effort into it.

    Secondly, for a 2s with a holy pali, would you still say desecration spec or would strangulate be better then?

    Thanks again.

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