Patch Notes Changes

Posted: June 11, 2011 in WoW PvP

Keeping you up to date what will change for deathknights and the general arena scene with the upcoming patch
while giving you a quick overview of my thoughts regarding those changes.

Patch 4.2.:

– Obliterate base damage has been reduced to 150% weapon damage, down from 160%.

Just a minor modification, doesn’t matter much.

– Hungering Cold now has a 1.5-second cast time.

This is a pretty hard nerf, the impact is still yet to see. First you were able to cast HC while moving on PTR,
that apparently was a bug and has been fixed though. Standing to CC while being interruptable as a melee,
huge misbalancing from blizzard if you ask me. Above all if you’re getting interrupted while casting you’re
locked in frost school, means no FS, HB, CoI, MF.

– Might of the Frozen Wastes now increases two-handed weapon damage by 3/7/10%,   down
  from 4/8/12%.

Another damage nerf seeming to be minor at first, but 2% can be the number bringing a spec from good
to great. Blizzard should have nerfed Frost’s damage heavily and buffed it’s mobility. Pretty useless change
in the end tbh, it addresses the wrong point.

– Glyph of Dark Succor has been redesigned. Rather than placing a 15% maximum health floor
  on Death Strike healing while in Frost or Unholy Presence, it causes the next Death Strike
  within 15     seconds after killing a foe that yields experience or Honor Points to heal for at least
  20% of the death knight’s maximum health (still requires Frost or Unholy Presence).

This change makes the glyph simply worthless and by that the healing of deathstrike basically is nerfed
from at least 15% to at least 7% of maximum health. Cut by more than half. Self healing through melee
cleaves or RMP/RLS tunneling you 24/7 will be impossible. Makes unholy much more attractive as you
can’t tank the damage but need to kite, which will be much easier with death’s advance.

– Unholy Might now increases Strength by (10%) 20%, up from 5%.

When I saw the change from 10 to 20% i couldn’t believe my eyes. If this goes live just as well as the
frost nerfs I can’t see a single DK stay frost, you gain 20% str by just speccing unholy, a permanent
pillar of frost. Incredible.

  1. Vinia says:

    Don’t you just love bandaid changes.. and the fact that you can no longer move while casting HC(plus interruptable then locked out of frost)just puts the last nail in the coffin.

    Anyway, i’ve put so much effort in my DK – that i’m probably going to give Unholy a try when 4.2 hits.Any chance that you are going to make one of your awesome guides for Unholy as well, Syreenee?

    Personally, i did give Unholy a try in 4.1.. but if feels a little.. clunky and it feels like DC should be stronger.. or at least RP generation should be way faster for UH specc in general.Plus i was a little confused on what skills i should use, but my guess is NS and FS mostly.. while trying to keep diseases up with either PS&CoI or Outbreak, then Pestilence(gives more RP than BS?) for that lonely blood rune.

  2. Rahana says:

    I must say, I am getting really more and more annoying with Blizzard’s way of balancing stuff. While we all can agree that Frost is overpowered at this moment (as are some other classes/specs) and in certain comps this OPness is even more visible, the witchunt that is made once again is stupid. Nerf Frost, by all means. But don’t break it. Don’t see the point of using HC at all unless you just want to chain cc, since I believe no one is stupid enough to just stand still while you start casting HC.

    Glyph of Dark Succor is overdoing it a bit too much for my taste. DS healing is still out of hands, then again there are very few comps around that can’t disarm/heal debuff you so… Basically we got weaker version of Victory rush.

    As far as Might of the Frozen Wastes and Unholy Might go, that’s PvE issue really, trying to force DKs from playing one overpowered dps spec and shift them over to DW and UH play.

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