S10 on the horizon, what to do?

Posted: July 5, 2011 in WoW PvP

Sooooo, S10 is coming and everyone is crying out in panic what to do.
Tbh I don’t really know what to do either.
Blizzard literary destroyed any kind of Frost play in PvP with the recent changes, the survivability of Frost
was awful in S9 when being trained and not deathstriking (which severely hurt our offense) and is
obliterated (funny) now.

But fortunately Unholy got a straight 15% Strength buff to Unholy Might. As I wrote before, that’s a total
of 20% more Strength just for being Unholy compared to Frost, a passive Pillar of Frost so to say.
This is significant, and together with the fact that Unholy is the only spec that brings the mobility to
compensate for the deathstrike nerf, the way to go at season start is Unholy, Unholy all the way.
As I’m a bit cut short in time, I will write a bit of an emergency guide, what to do when S10 hits live servers.

Spec: Cookie-cutter build will be this: Unholy 0/8/33
Gear: Full PvP gear, both PvP trinkets
– Gems: full resilience gemming, 20 str/20 resil in red, 40 resil in yellow, 50 spellpen in blue
– Reforge: everything to haste, haste is king over mastery and crit
Playstyle: This is a bit more complicated. Generelly you have a priority, which ofc is influenced differently
by every single arena game. Adopt to what happens around you.


  • keep Dark Transformation up (which ofc isn’t possible all the time)
  • spend unholy runes/death runes on NS or ScS, depending on the need of instant damage
    you NEED to spend them all the time to keep up death’s advance, use DnD when noone is in melee range
  • spend frost runes/blood runes  on FeS — frost runes for chains of ice if needed
  • use RP/sudden doom proccs on deathcoil
  • keep diseases running as much as possible for AoE pressure
  • important things:
    – keep ghoul alive as good as possible (huddle, death coil healing) especially when it’s transformed
    – use gargoyle smart and coordinate it with your partners burst, it can be incredible but it’s on 3 min CD
    – use unholy frenzy to get your healer out of CCs, healer is sheeped -> use UF -> sheep breaks from dmg

To conclude, a word to all the people who loved playing Frost: you have to get used to the rather slow paced
playstyle of Unholy compared to Frost. You will have to take your time to set up your “burst”, get up DT’ed
ghoul, and only then use gargoyle.
And: get used to play VERY defensively, hump around a pillar and kite for your life while you stack up your
ghoul, save your cooldowns, never ever stand in the open. Our class pretty much became a defensive melee warlock.
Play like one being trained by TSG, it will be the only way to survive til you can create enough AoE pressure
to finally leave your beloved pillar.

Good luck.

  1. Mateus says:

    I tried unholy but i just cant adapt myself to its playstile. Which makes me kinda sad.. Do you think Frost is still viable somehow? Or did all the teams swapped to unholy as well?

  2. Kabou says:

    Moin Curu 🙂
    Na wie läufts ?
    Sorry hab kaum Zeit zu spielen von daher is der acc auch abgelaufen 🙂
    Schöne Grüße an alle

  3. Abram Ibarra says:

    shouldn’t their be a balance between haste n mastery?? Since dots do hurt a lot with mastery n is needed for classes that u wont always be able to reach (hunters, druids etc).

  4. Mangelhaft says:

    Ive read in several places that the jump between 1/3 and 2/3 on the talent that procs sudden doom is fairly significant, while 2/3 to 3/3 is much less. In that scenario 2/3 in that talent for pvp is what they suggest. Can you talk a little about your thought process on 1/3?

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